About Me




FAA Commercial Pilot “Airplane Single Engine Land” (ASEL)

FAA Certified Flight Instructor/Instrument Instructor ASEL

National Association of Flight Instructors (NAFI) member

Bachelors of Science Degree majoring in Aviation Technology

Pursuing Masters Degree in Aeronautics and Aviation Education

14 years of flying experience

Experienced in flying over/through all types of airspace and terrain including coastal, flatlands, and mountains

Highly experienced with instrument flying and instructing in actual IMC



 As a child I always looked to the sky anytime an airplane went over. Big, small, fast, slow, propeller, or jet, all I wanted to do was fly. As a young adult, like many, I thought my path for a career in the flying business was that of pursuing the airlines. There is still something cool about flying a big heavy jet aircraft that somehow, through physics alone, gets off the ground and goes that fast. I still look at them after all these years and admire them. I admire and respect anyone who choses the path of flying one for a career. That being said, my career ambitions do not necessarily include the airlines. I just love being a part of aviation-in multiple aspects. What I enjoy the most though, is teaching the next generation of people who chose to make this a career. In addition, I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of commercial flying-be it instructing, on demand charter, aerial tours, or ferrying airplanes.

My career path in aviation took a different direction as it progressed. I still hope to someday fly a jet, perhaps part-time corporate or charter, but I discovered as I progressed that my real passion was teaching. Someone has to do it- right? The problem is that too many people do so just to build flight hours to reach the next level (for the majority-the airlines). Flight instructing is a great means for building flight time and teaches one many lessons that cannot be learned any other way. In many ways, there is no better way to prepare one for an airline career than being a well-rounded instructor. There is, however, something wrong with instructing just for the sake of building hours and sacrificing one’s students in the process just to achieve personal goals. If you want to instruct to build hours then commit yourself to being the best instructor you can be while doing so rather than seeing your students as “flight hours”. I have witnessed this far too many times in my career and it is the primary reason why I chose to be a career instructor. 

I enjoy helping others reach their goals. I enjoy seeing the progress a student makes under my supervision. Most of all I enjoy knowing I made a difference in their life along the way and, through giving instruction, helped them become better pilots and better human beings who will someday pass along the same qualities to others I instilled in them whether it be instructing for a career, flying airliners interacting with a crew/passengers, or just flying recreationally and the personal relationships they develop with other members of the aviation community. 



In a business that usually offers no guarantees, I will offer the following as a flight instructor:

1. You will never worry about me having “ulterior motivations” for teaching.

2. I will take just as large of an interest in your success as you do.

3. I will not waste your money by charging you unfairly for time spent on “small talk”. If we have a good conversation on break for a few minutes, or over lunch on a long cross-country flight, you will not be paying me for sitting around talking about our dogs, cars, wife, kids, extra-curricular activities, etc. I charge for time spent instructing. If I happen to develop a friendship in that process (which I am always open to) that takes up a few minutes of our time I am not going to bill you for every tenth of an hour we spend in small talk. (This is a common complaint by students at certain flight schools).

4. If I take you on as a student pursuing a rating, I will not abandon you before you complete that rating for another job, even if you have a few setbacks, so long as you are regularly training and working towards completion. I am not instructing just to build flight hours and you do not have to worry about me leaving you halfway finished once I reach a certain magical number of flight hours.

If you are seeking an instructor, or commercial pilot, who will make your best interests his highest priority look no further. I am committed to being the best instructor and commercial pilot I can be and look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

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