Services Offered


Flight Training for all ratings (Airplane Single Engine Land). Private through CFII. Be sure to check out my package page for prices of ratings in your airplane. 

For those of you without your own airplane I partner with a school that can offer one for training. Contact me for further details.

One on one ground instruction is available anywhere in the world 24/7 through multiple means including in-person, video conference, and/or phone.

Commercial pilot services are available in your aircraft 24/7 with advance notice. These include aerial photography, survey work, air tours, ferrying your aircraft, or flying you to your choice of destination.


Flight Instruction: $40/hour

Ground Instruction (in-person): $40/hour

Block Instruction Rates (Flight and/or in-person Ground):

10 hours:  $380

20 hours:  $720

*Block time must be paid via cash or check

Ground Instruction (via phone or video conference): $30/hour

Commercial Pilot Services: $40/hour up to 4 hours a day or $280/day + any applicable travel fees. Contact for further details.

Recurrent Instruction:

Flight Review: 4 hour session. 2 hours ground time reviewing things you may have forgotten and a Q&A session for things you struggle with, followed by a thorough pre-flight lesson and 1.5hrs of flight time. Price in your airplane: $150

IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check): 3.5 hours total. 1 hour of ground time including a Q&A session followed by a thorough pre-flight lesson, 2 hour flight covering multiple types of approaches, holds, and other skills you may not use very often. Price in your airplane: $130.

Combination Flight Review/IPC: 5 hours total. 2 hour ground time including Q&A session, thorough pre-flight lesson, and 2.5hrs flight time. Price in your airplane: $180

Any instruction required beyond times quoted will be billed at $40/hr. 

Travel To You!


All prices in customer owned aircraft are valid for most airports within 50 miles driving distance of Zebulon, NC. I am available to travel outside of the local area for a small fee depending upon the distance.

Travel Fees:

1-75 miles outside of normal 50 mile radius: $70/day

75-200 miles outside of normal radius: $130/day

Special discounted travel fee rates can be arranged for multiple day trips anywhere in the United States which would include my lodging.